We are a Good Manufacturing Practice certified and internationally recognized company, which provides services ranging from drug development up to commercial production and supply on a global scale. Our product portfolio has integrated a wide assortment of sterile drug forms, with focus being given to innovative products, which affect public health. Current expertise includes generics, IMPs and orphan drugs.
By continuously adapting to the ever-evolving pharma industry and its requirements, we assure products with high quality, efficacy, and effectiveness to patients world-wide. As a rapidly expanding company we consider the need to acquire new skills and expand our area of expertise to be our calling.
PHARMIDEA is a reliable partner and can provide individual solutions to meet our customers’ demands.
We acquire responsible, reliable, and loyal employees, both from Europe and abroad. Together we have cradled a friendly and supportive team and established a transparent and safe working environment. By focusing on the strong suits, we motivate the will for continuous development. At PHARMIDEA we promote rapid professional growth in our talents, for them to become highly skilled sought-after professionals, with a wide array of expertise.

Our Vision

To ensure global availability of premium quality essential and life-saving parenteral preparations

Our Mision

  • To be a long-term, client-focused, reliable, and stable partner
  • To continuously learn, improve and evolve to provide a wide-diversity of high-quality parenteral drug forms
  • To create an inclusive environment by endorsing and nurturing of all experience levels – from vigorousness to wisdom


Vitalijs Skrivelis
CEO, Member of the Board


CEO, Member of the Board
Mr. Vitalijs Skrivelis
Head of Sales and Marketing department
Mrs. Ilze Prikule

Business Activities

  • Manufacturing of finished dosage form
  • Investigation medicinal product supply for clinical batches
  • Pharmaceutical development
  • Development of freeze-drying cycle
  • Process development, scale-up, tech-transfer and validation
  • Analytical methods development and validation
  • Microbiological methods development and validation
  • API, excipients, product and materials quality control
  • Stability studies of drug product
  • CTD dossier writing for finished product
  • Finished product registration meeting local and EMA requirements
  • Out-Licensing
  • Distribution of finished dosage form
  • Serialization

Our values

It is in our hands to create the environment and team in which we want to work. Our values ensure high-quality, productive and professional work, promote healthy interaction, form a strong team, advance the development of each individual as well as the company, thus ensuring our success. Each of us is an integral part in the overall growth of PHARMIDEA.


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