PharmIdea goal is to become an internationally recognized pharmaceutical company which provides high quality self-developed generic hospital, women health and anti-cancer drugs with main R&D and production competence in sterile formulations.

Our Vision

PharmIdea is the only company in Latvia, providing sterile and freeze-dried drugs manufacturing at a world class quality, which is granted by the GMP certificate and various successfully passed international quality inspections.

Our services include contract manufacturing, technology development, validation, elaboration of specifications and test methods of sterile products, stability studies as well as all other development of documentation under request of client for process or product registration. We also own the licence for contract manufacturing of investigational medical products (IMP) for clinical trials.

PharmIdea product portfolio contains self-developed generic hospital, women health and anti-cancer drugs which are being registered in more than 50 countries worldwide. PharmIdea main export regions are the European Union, Middle East, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam,  Mexico and other.

The highly professional team of PharmIdea specialists, each has more then ten years experience within the pharmaceutical industry, good knowledge and application of European and International Authorities regulations and guidelines as well as experience with international projects (including EU countries; e.g. Germany, Netherlands, France).

We all would be glad to welcome you not only virtually but in person and find for you the best offer among our services and products.

You are welcome!


Mr. Vitalijs Skrivelis
Member of the Board


Chairman of the Board
Mr. Iskandar Ismagilov
CEO, Member of the Board
Mr. Vitalijs Skrivelis
Sales and marketing
Mrs. Mara Skrastina

Business Activities


Research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of products with focus to woman health, hospital drugs and anti-cancer medications


  1. Development of finished formulations of pharmaceuticals in vials
  2. Contract manufacturing of small batch size freeze-dried and liquid injectables in vials
  3. Manufacturing and packaging of Investigational Medicinal Products (IMP)
  4. High quality EU CTD Dossiers (in English) for Out-licensing, developed in accordance with the European guidelines

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